Withholding David for More Money

A little bit of truth got through the silent treatment when I had to leave David yesterday, at 2 o’clock at a little place called Second Street Station in Mullens, WV. Our hike had taken longer than expected, so we sat outside on a bench, since there wouldn’t be time to order food before he would be taken away.

I asked for more time with him. I asked why she was keeping my son from me. Both in the highest “best interest of the child.”

She didn’t care; she started talking about “child support” money. Many times I’ve offered to provide for anything David needs; she sort-of asked in October, and I gave her a check. (There seem to have been some problems with the WV agency getting money from my employer; but there’s no jurisdiction to do that anyway.) She also has tens of thousands of dollars she took when she ran off, and I have given more since then; with no housing/utility expenses living with her parents, she should reasonably still have most of it left.

Regardless – even if she had nothing – there’s no justification for withholding my son from me. Even the courts keep the two separate. The fact that she is willing to hurt David to get money is disgusting.

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