Week 17: Educational Curriculum

My Aunt Sharon (David’s Great-Aunt – which is important to note because he also has an Aunt Sharon, my sister) kindly sent me a Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills book (big picture of a crab on the front), thinking of David while she was getting one for a grandson. We’ve done a lot of drawing with crayons on a sketchbook which he enjoys, and I have other books for him that he’s not ready for yet, but this one we were able to start in on exercises, like identifying and drawing shapes, coloring scenes, or navigating mazes and other games. We work through it together, and he enjoys it a lot.

We went to the Twin Falls playground and David learned to climb the ladder and went down the slide by himself – once he saw he could stick the landing without me catching him, he was good. I still stood close while he climbed, but he was doing great.

Our weekly hike was the 3-mile Cliffside Trail, with a picnic on the rocks at the end. It was a bright sunny day – I packed his cowboy hat for the next week, and encouraged him to take his wool hat off but he wanted to keep it on. We made it in the 3 hours I have with little to spare – but made some stops besides the picnic, like to walk along fallen trees or jump from them.

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