Week 15: Drawing, David and Daddy hiking

We walked (some of) the Cliffside Trail this week, which we haven’t for a while – since summer, when we would have our picnic on the rocks at the cliff. That worked better when I was at the campsite in the park already; hiking the three mile loop with time for a picnic took most of the three hours I have with David, without having to add 1/2 hour to travel to the park (shorter in summer even when I’m not staying there, because a shorter route, Cabin Creek Road, is opened). It was snowy, so we dressed warm in our “big hats”; I got some pictures of the two of us.

David loves to draw; I had to get him a new sketchbook in town after he filled up the old one, which was a gift from (my, his Great-) Aunt Sharon and Uncle John with the crayons, stickers, and some books and a bag I used for a long time before getting the big black Adidas bag (which David likes to look through and get toys out of).

He also likes to line up his cars and count them – 22 of them here (few more with the race track etc.) – and then he counts backwards when he removes them from the line.

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