Week 16: Building a Blanket Fort

This week we built a fort with the chairs at the Highwater Inn, where I generally stay when in WV to see my son, and a blanket from one of the beds. David loved it, so much so that he requested it the next couple days too, and we rebuilt it then (we needed the chairs to sit on to eat and I needed the blanket to sleep under). I had a flashlight with me (probably several, lot of camping stuff is still packed in the car), so we had it in the fort for light and he had fun with that. He drove his trucks through it and we read some books in it too.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures: it’s low light with a phone, and David doesn’t like the flash (sometimes the phone flash is OK, but he wasn’t happy with it with such a strong contrast like in the fort). I’ll see if my Nikon can do better, maybe f/2.8+ and high ISO-equivalent.

On our hike, I didn’t have his mittens, and it was a bit cold, so I put my gloves on him – didn’t fit, of course, but probably trapped enough heat to keep his hands warm.

This might have been the first week we did “up in air”–holding him up over me lying down, and “flying” him as far as I could reach, but sometimes, “Oh no! Plane crashes into the ground!”, which he enjoys as much as the flying.

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