Week 18: Building with Blocks, Balancing, Swimming Again

For several weeks I was able to stay at the Highwater Inn all week, and the Twin Falls lodge pool was also down for repairs (heat went out after the “blizzard” a few months ago); but this week we were in the lodge two days, so we swam both days – unfortunately no pictures, since I didn’t take phone or camera since I wouldn’t be able to both keep David safe and keep them dry. He had a great time, still swimming in his “Puddle Jumper” life jacket/vest with the shark on the front. Since it had been a while, he was a little scared about floating on his own or jumping in from the side, but he managed to “swim to daddy” a few times and felt better about it, and jumped in a number of times too.

We walked the Huckleberry Trail at the park on Saturday this week, a 1 1/3 mile trail (seems longer, some places are quite steep) which loops around and crosses the road twice, and has its own parking area. It passes close to the pioneer farm, and some of the animals, which David got to see up close when we walked along the fence. We had a picnic and read some books. We also stopped at Second Street Station after hiking. I got a burger, wish I could have gotten David one too but he still won’t eat most of what’s on it, or the burger, so I got him some cheese and a slice of tomato.

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