Week 19: A Bit Unwell, Chronicles of Narnia, Horsepen Knob Trail

David was sick when I picked him up Sunday–had been throwing up, even; Honey even let me inside (her parents’ house where they have him) to see him for a while, for the first time in forever. I held him; he was clearly not feeling well, but was happy to see his daddy nonetheless. I brought him to where I was staying–we skipped our usual Sunday grocery shopping–and expected we wouldn’t do very much, that maybe I’d hold him or he’d sleep, but he seemed to feel better rather quickly on being with me. However, we still stayed inside and he mainly sat on my lap and I held him and we watched part of The Chronicles of Narnia and read some books. But he also felt well enough to eat and we shared a chocolate muffin (brought from Indiana).

It’s always difficult to pick the photos to include; David has so many great expressions, and he’s so cute all the time. I wish he were back home, seeing his home for the first time, making observations, reading a book together on the big chair, showing him his room. I imagine him looking at the (big) lawn and asking if we can play “catch daddy” on the grass….

We hiked the Horsepen Knob trail–not for the first time–this Saturday. Also some pictures of David being “sack of potatoes,” which he loves –and demands, and having a snack at the table in the lodge.

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