Week 27: The last, until David can come home

For reasons that will be revealed later, I will no longer be able to travel the 400 miles presently required to see my son after this week. I never should have had to do that the first place, and only did because a bitter/disturbed “biological mother” Honey ran off with him and then withheld him from me. I still hope she will repent and turn from it all; or at least let him come home for a little while; or if not, that the court will see her as unfit and let him come home.

But the week with David Geoffrey was still sweet, and as always I am happy to share some picture-memories from it.

David loves playing with Snap Circuits, despite being below the recommended age; he’ll swap out switches and lights and knows that the LED needs a resistor in the circuit. I didn’t want him to get frustrated and never be interested, so was willing to put them away and bring them back when he was older if he didn’t show interest.

We went on our usual Saturday morning hike, and also spent some time walking along the “wall” by the nearby road jumping and balancing, played some T-ball, and of course “catch daddy” on the grass.

The end of our hike Saturday would be the last time I would see my son for a while. By rights, he should be safely home with his daddy. Even a somewhat reasonable biological mother (much more one who claims to be a Christian!) would let him come home for a week or so occasionally, or more to make up time she withheld him.

I continue to fight for my son. David, daddy loves you very much and misses you a lot.

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