Hiking the “Nature Trail” on a Chilly Day, and a New Hat

On Saturdays, it became our habit to hike one of the trails at Twin Falls, and we have done several of them. Today we hiked the Nature Trail, a 1 ¼ mile loop that crosses the Falls Trail and touches the Huckleberry Trail at a bridge.

Since it was below freezing, I brought out a balaclava I had gotten David for the first time, one similar to one I had gotten years ago from Canadian Tire, which he liked… not only does it (like his gray hat) “keep your ears warm”, but keeps his whole face warm.

Here he had his mittens off and hat down for a mid-walk picnic, where we would open our backpacks and sit (on my sweater/coat) on a handy “fall-down tree” and have some grapes, cookies, or other snacks, and a drink.

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