Week 23: “Pieces” and the Buck Run trail

New book this week, Optical Physics for Babies (part of the series with Electro-Magnetism etc.), which he liked. I’d like to get a prism to show him dispersion (rainbow from white light).

On Sunday it rained hard, so we stayed inside after getting groceries. I brought some oatmeal raisin cookies from Indiana, which David enjoys. (Also brought some mini apple strudel, but he wasn’t interested – very much “no thank you”!)

This week I brought a set of Brickyard STEM toys – strips with 2, 3, or 5 holes for bolts (which we call “screws”), and some 3D blocks, wheels, and 90-degree angled connectors which we use as seats. He loved them; we built some vehicles, and shapes – like the triangle he’s holding, and a square which he found he could turn into a diamond by pushing the sides in. He took to the tools provided very quickly, screwing in wheels or bolts to “make it tight” and build things.

David called them “pieces” so that’s what I refer to them as. They even won out over playing with trucks! Definitely a hit.

We usually buy frozen garlic bread at the store and I cook it a few times a week for us. Months back he wasn’t sure about it but now it’s almost a staple. I also save him some bacon when I cook some for breakfast; it’s one of the few meats he’ll eat (maybe the only one?)

It was raining again Monday, and was raining when Honey came to take him away, so I ran out to the car and got my poncho and put it on him (was going to put it on me and take him under it but he didn’t appreciate that at all, understandably enough, and it was awkward); he looked cute in it, wish I had a picture. So I carried him out in the poncho and put him in his car seat.

We finished The Jungle Book (for, I don’t know, maybe the third time?) this week; it seems to be one of his favorites. We also got to taking the “pieces” apart – turn the screwdriver the other way and “make it loose.”

This week we walked the Buck Run Trail at the park, not too long but with some steep spots, and it was still damp; we put on lots of bug spray. Instead of picnicking on the trail we went back to the bench at the park playground, under the shade of a tree, and ate and read our books there – including Nobunny’s Perfect and Ten Apples Up On Top, and had some “chocolate mintens”–and played on the swings and slide.

Since I’m no longer racing back to D&D&D (Dungeons & Dragons & Discipleship) in Indiana, I stopped at Bob Evans in Ohio–Rio Grande, first civilization after driving through the slow two-lane “valley of the shadow” part of US-35 in WV – and tried their strawberry salad, which was very good, and read a little.

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