Introduction and Welcome

My name is David Robins. In March 2018, my wife Honey Robins ran off with our seven-month old son David Geoffrey, removing him from our home in Indiana and taking him to live with her parents in West Virginia, and cleaned out our checking account. She has withheld David from me for most of that time. My attempts to reason with her, to ask her to go to counseling, to get more time with my son, to remind her she once claimed to be a Christian have been met with the silent treatment.

I get limited (court-ordered) time with my son, who is now (in 2024) six, every other week—she wouldn’t let me see him without an order. We have a great time together, but it’s not enough. This site is about my fight to bring my alienated son “home to daddy” again, and, I hope, for others in similar situations to tell their stories and to obtain resources and encouragement.

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