Week 21: T-Ball and Rock Climbing!

This week I introduced David to T-ball with a set I packed (instead of the basketball net). He caught on quickly and was giving the ball some good thwacks, or enjoyed getting it (he’s not quite catching flys yet) when I hit to him. And here are his new goggles; I don’t think this is the first week he had them, maybe just first pictures. He loves to swim with them.

We also came across a small rock face on our hike, so I helped him climb up a little, and put him up on a ledge, and he had fun with that.

As usual he always wants to play with his trucks, although the green Jeep seems to be one he was missing, according to Honey, and when she told me I got it out of the toy bag in the trunk (so it must have been a Saturday after I had checked out of the park lodge) and we’ve been keeping it in the car seat cup holder and he likes to “swoop” and grab it as I put him in the seat. And he still enjoys the fireman puzzles he got for his birthday. The picture on the screen behind looks a bit scary, but it’s just Puddleglum, the Marsh-Wiggle from the BBC’s The Silver Chair, which we watched this week.

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